Monday, October 20, 2008

Trust Presentations at the New Delta Township Public Library

Late last week I finalized plans to present a series of 3 programs about wills and trusts at the new Delta Township District Library off of Elmwood Road, just east of Lansing Mall.
Here's a map if this area is unfamiliar to you.
If you haven't yet visited the facility - you should! It is a beautiful structure that blends in well with the surrounding landscape, especially in autumn.
Surprisingly, the library website doesn't showcase a picture of the new building, so as a big fan of architecture, I decided to post one here.

Here are the dates and titles of the presentations - more details to follow. The January 5, 2009 class includes a valuable overview of the purposes of various estate planning documents that would be very helpful for someone who has recently undertaken the role of serving as a trustee.

January 5, 2009: The Busy Family's Guide to Wills & Trusts
February 2, 2009: Living Trusts for a New Generation
March 2, 2009: Get Your Ducks in a Row - Wills & Trusts for Young Parents

Email me for more details about these or other upcoming learning opportunities.

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