Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Pen & Paper Life in an Electronic World

Email me, read my blog, visit my website - but don't ask if you can electronically sign your trust agreement - at least not yet!

When I take my kids to the pediatrician, the nurses carry about stylish little laptop computers with miniature keyboards - all my children's medical records are stored electronically, including prescriptions and immunizations. The medical profession has wholeheartedly embraced electronic recordkeeping - what about the estate planning world?

While many trust assets can be managed electronically (think how easy it would be to keep track of trust assets by checking account statements online), the documents themselves still require the age-old tradition of putting pen to paper in the presence of witnesses and sometimes a notary.

What can we accomplish electronically in estate administration? Follow this thread to find out as I explore the eletronic world of trust and estate administration...

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